Information exhibits vacationers visiting Hawaii have least affect on Hawaii COVID-19 circumstances

Data shows tourists visiting Hawaii have least impact on Hawaii COVID-19 cases

Many readers have commented to us that they’ve seen destructive sentiments geared toward guests by some Hawaii residents. A lot of it appears to be geared toward inserting all of the blame of Hawaii’s COVID-19 circumstances on guests.

What does the info say? Does it help that presumption?

No, it doesn’t! In truth, it exhibits that “non-resident guests”, i.e. vacationers, have had the least affect on circumstances.

Check out the graph with the title “How most of the circumstances had been associated to Journey?” on this Hawaii COVID-19 data dashboard page. We adjusted that information filter to incorporate all information from the beginning of the primary case in Hawaii and took the next screenshot.


Notice that the class of “Journey-Related (Non-Resident)” represents vacationers. It’s indicated with the darkest shade of blue. The information signifies that vacationers have had the least impact on Hawaii COVID-19 circumstances.

The opposite travel-related class, “Journey-Related (Resident),” has had a larger affect than vacationers. Even for those who look firstly of the pandemic again in March/April 2020, touring residents of Hawaii had been importing the virus, sadly. From the screenshot of the chart, the vacationer affect on the early phases just isn’t even discernible within the chart.

As you scan via the chart, there are a few essential dates to remember:

  • March 26, 2020 was the date that the obligatory 14-day quarantine for all incoming vacationers went into impact.
  • October 15, 2020 was the date that Hawaii opened to vacationers who pre-tested destructive for COVID-19.

Hawaii has performed a superb job with COVID-19 information assortment and presentation. For extra information on the virus in Hawaii, take a look at their information hub.

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